Love – Heartbreak – Soulmates

Let’s try something serious today ….

What exactly is love? Think about it, there are all forms, the love of a parent, the love of a friend, child, sibling, husband, lover, pet etc etc. Someone once told me its a feeling, an emotion from the heart, but another someone told me its the breaking of the heart. What do I think? I think they were right, both these someones, obviously with experience knew what love felt like, I know what it feels like and in one form or another, no matter what you believe, so do you.

We see it all the time in movies, girl meets guy, they become frenemys, later fall in love and then the airport scene comes and yada yada yada :/ it’s always the same thing. Everyone has a special someone made just for them. That one person that can make you mad, laugh, cry and embarrass you all in the space of a heartbeat. Qualities, these are what draws us to that special someone, it could be as simple as a smile, their eyes, their personality, it could literally be anything! even that silly face they make just to make you laugh, you know the one, the cross your eyes and stick out your tongue look. 😛

Heartbreak, you can say is given, it is in fact so expected you can’t say it was so unexpected because it wasn’t it was simply the situation that was unexpected. It could be a simple white lie or a secret they couldn’t tell you and you get the heart palpitations and the gut version of Titanic.

Do I believe in soulmates? I don’t know, but by God I hope they exist 😀 So lets raise our glasses (be it water, wine or juice) … To the ones we love. May you never break our hearts.


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