Letter 2 Self

To Myself, a year from now,

Wow, a whole years gone by, I get the feeling it must have gone pretty fast for you, I bet you had fun and made gazillions of friends and they now stalk you on Facebook … bless you 😛

Hopefully, you did well on your course in the first year, hopefully you understood what was asked of you, you got your work in on time, didn’t make any enemy’s and got along with any groups you were put into. I’m sure you must have found it a little awkward in the beginning with meeting all these new people and making new friends, im sure you did fine and adapted to all these changes, university is a big jump from A-levels, bet you were glad when you found out there’s no exams to take 🙂

A lot of things can happen in 368 days, you probably lost contact with some of your closest friends, they went their way and you went yours, but I’m sure you figured out for yourself that these things are normal, im pretty sure you must have met up for lunch with some of them whenever you all were free at the same time, seeing as most of them study at Coventry uni just like you. In the beginning of the year you set yourself some goals, one of the main one was to create at least 2 blogs that have nothing to do with education and everything to do about useless things, fingers crossed you stuck with them goals and didn’t leave them half-finished.

sincerely, your future self

One year older and one year wiser 😉


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